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Art & Soul Workshops


Elizabeth Jose

Elizabeth Jose has certainly not led a dull life! A gifted artist  from an early age, she excelled in high school and went straight to art school at 18. She switched to  singing, also a passion for her from an early age in her early twenties. Trained as a jazz singer and singing teacher, she developed a very  particular style of teaching which focused on creative unblocking. She applied it to her own voice and then helped others to find their own freest, most powerful and authentic sound.

She has been consciously applying everything she learned about  creative unblocking through the voice to her painting technique and has  been fascinated and delighted by the process. She began teaching  painting using these principles in 2008 to great success.

She had work accepted for the prestigious Originals Women Artists of New Mexico Show and voted 2nd place in the Peoples Choice and the Millicent Roger Museum Miniature Show in February 2009.

Richard Allen Nichols

“Innovative yet Traditional” is what critics say Richard Alan Nichols' works evoke.

His natural ability was given a strong foundation in traditional  impressionism -- brought forward during his tenure at the  prestigious American Academy of Art in Chicago. His knowledge of his gift was honed under Masters Irving Shapiro and Ted  Smuskiewicz and because of these Great Masters he was the recipient of numerous scholarships and awards at such a young age.

As an internationally recognized artist Richard Alan Nichols is  highly sought after by many private collectors and in many permanent collections such as American Academy of Art, Koop Collection, Crouch  Collection, Hughes Collection, Goloff Collection,Taos Art Museum, The  Town of Taos, Sears, Roebuck & Company, the Universities of  Wisconsin, Nebraska, Minnesota and Missouri and more.

Richard and his family live nestled in the foothills of  the Sangre De Cristo Mountains in The Art Mecca known as “Taos” to honor and nurture their spirit of the journey.

Anna Magruder

Anna Magruder is an oil painter and illustrator. Her favorite  subjects are people and animals and whatever lies between. Drifting  between realism and surrealism, she loves recreating vintage America,  re-imagining the lives and stories of the characters on canvas or just  exploring the emotional color of faces.

As a workshop facilitator, Anna provides a self-reflective experience  designed to loosen up creativity and reveal hidden layers of psyche,  heart and soul through art making. Her intention is to create a  non-judgmental space to have fun, let go of perfection, and challenge  what’s “right and wrong” in regard to art making. She finds immense joy  in supporting and encouraging others to succeed and thrive in their  creative endeavors. 

Anna is a recipient of a 2014 RACC grant for her “Oregon’s Painted  History” series, and was honored with a 2015 artist residency at the  Helene Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos. Her art appears in numerous  publications and private collections.


Sajit Greene

Sajit  Greene, MA, is an Artist, Spiritual Mentor, and Soul Astrologer who is  passionate about supporting people in the process of personal growth and  spiritual awakening. The daughter of an artist, Sajit began using art  to express her feelings at a very young age. In 1994, she received  her Master's in Dance/Movement Therapy from Naropa University. She  worked for many years as an Expressive Arts Therapist in Denver,  Colorado, where she specialized in helping people heal from trauma.  Sajit has developed a unique, transformational process that weaves  together art, insights from soul-centered astrology, and spiritual  principles and practices.

Deb Schmalbach

 I have been beading since I was very young. I used to make necklaces and  sell them to my mom’s friends for .25 cents. Over the years (many,  many, years) I have expanded my skills through formal instructions with  some very talented bead artists, through self-exploration and mostly  through making a multitude of mistakes. I am now an empty nester and  have time to truly focus on my beading skills. I love to combine  textiles and beads to make one of a kind jewelry. Amulet bags are one of  my passions but most recently I have been working with a series of  beads created by the Czechoslovakian people named Czech mates. Czech  mates are beads with multiple holes that allow the bead artist free rein  for creating all different types of patterns.